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Snow Removal FAQ's
Why Choose Bo-Pelouse?
Bo-Pelouse has over 25 years’ experience in residential snow removal. Our bilingual office staff goes above and beyond to satisfy all our customers. Our drivers go through a mechanical and operational course to acquire the proper skills to operate such equipment.

What areas do you service?
All of Dorval and Pointe-Claire and certain areas of Beaconsfield and Kitkland. See our service map.

Do you use plows or snow blowers?
We only use snow blowers.

What is the minimum snowfall amount before you provide service?
Our minimum snowfall amount is 5 cms.

Are you insured?
Yes. We are insured for $2,000,000.

Do you have a seasonal snowfall limit?

Will my driveway be cleared before 6:30 AM?
We make every effort to clear all driveways at least once before 06:30 am. However many variables affect our schedule including the start time and rate of accumulation of snow.

What if the city plows come by after you've already cleared my driveway?
We perform repeat clean-ups after the city plows. Please be patient, we will back around to clean the end of the driveway.

If I call during a snowstorm, will there be someone in the office to answer the phone?
Yes we generally have people in the office during snowstorms. If you receive an answering machine when you call it is most probably because we are on the line with another caller.

How many tractors do you have?
This year we will have 28.

What is your repair policy?
Our drivers are required to report any damages to the office caused to your property. This information is then logged for repair in the spring unless it is of a more urgent nature. Exclusions to this rule include any and all items left in the immediate work area of our equipment (i.e. on the driveway). Examples would be flower pots/planters, downspouts, recycling bins, garbage cans, basketball nets, children's toys, and extension cords. Although our office or driver will usually report a damage directly to you at the time of the incident we always encourage you to verify with the office the day after the snow storm as well if you have any concerns.

How does the GPS tracking work?
Each tractor is equipped with a GPS tracking device, which monitors everything from their location, to its speed, and even to the amount of gas it’s using. This GPS tracker sends this information back to our dispatcher, who carefully monitors each tractors progress.

When should I remove my car(s) from my driveway?
Our drivers begin a full clearing pass of driveways after the morning rush hour.  We therefore request that vehicles be removed from the designated parking areas by 10am.  Please do not wait for the tractor to arrive to move your car.  Every time the driver has to wait, the service is delayed to the clients after you.

My driveway is gravel. Can you still snow blow it?
Yes, however you should be aware that some of the gravel on your driveway may get blown onto your lawn. Although our drivers make every effort to be as careful as possible it is impossible to avoid some gravel displacement until the ground freezes and the stones harden into place.

Will your equipment damage my unistone?
Of all equipment available on the market today our snow blowers are the most 'unistone friendly'. However by equipping our blowers with stainless steel blades we have removed the risk of rusting on your driveway.