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Snow Guide
Probably the two biggest points of frustration for our drivers are the moving of cars and snow removal on garbage and recycling days.
CARS: We ask that you co-operate by removing your car from the driveway before 10am following a snowfall so that our drivers have access to the full parking area.
BINS: On garbage or recycling days, please ensure that your bags/bins do not prevent access to our equipment.  Our drivers will not move bins, nor will they return to the property where access to the driveway has been limited by garbage or recycling containers.
So that our teams can do their work to your full satisfaction, here are some rules to respect concerning the snow clearing of your driveway. (Click picture to enlarge)
Spacing of cars near your driveway. So that our equipment can carry out efficient work of snow clearing of your driveway, it is necessary that a minimum distance of eight feet (8') between the cars and driveway.
Minimum distance from your vehicle and the embankment. So that we can remove properly the embankment caused by the municipal plows, a minimum distance of six feet (6') between the car and the street is necessary.
Tree branches. A minimal spacing of twelve feet (12') is necessary between the base of the  tree and its first branches for the whole area needed to be blown.
Clearing in front of garage. If you must put snow in your alley during the clearing of your garage, please push it at least five feet (5') from your garage door before the arrival of the tractor.
Garbage bins and other. Do not leave your garbage or recycling bins, or all other containers in front of your entry. This does nothing but slow down the work of the driver.